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What Our Families are Saying


Our family is a long-time client of Christopher Vescio and Vescio Family Advisors, LLC.  We are a diverse family spread across 3 generations, 2 countries, and 6 states.  VFA provides accounting, tax, trustee, and planning services to our family in the capacity required by each family member.  The geography has no impact on the quality of services we receive from VFA.  It is always as though our accountant is located next door!  We all receive timely and proactive advice and Chris is always ready to help us with new challenges and circumstances as they arise.  Most importantly, we value the fact that VFA will be available to serve our future generations and look out for the family legacy.

Family Executive, Family Office Client, VFA client since 1999.

Both my family and my businesses have been clients of Vescio Family Advisors LLC since 2011.  I am a young man with a new family and running 2 businesses at the same time.  Since hiring VFA I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.  Chris and his team are excellent at handling both my personal and business matters and helping me achieve my goals.  Since we started working together our relationship has grown and now some of my business associates also work with VFA.  I am so glad I found Chris at a time when I needed more sophisticated advice and guidance.

Family & Business Client, Scarsdale, NY

Our family has been a client of Vescio Family Advisors LLC since 2010.  VFA not only provides accounting, tax, and advisory services to our family but also to our family business.  We meet with Chris weekly to discuss ongoing matters and new issues as they arise.  It is comforting to have this organization serve our business and family needs plus it also makes planning so much more efficient.  Chris also has a close relationship with our investment advisor so we feel as though our taxes are considered when making investment decisions.  We look forward to working with Chris and his team for years to come!

Family & Business client, Greenwich, CT

I became a client of Vescio Family Advisors LLC in 2012 after my husband passed.  At the time I was overwhelmed with all of the issues to resolve after a loved one passes and I hired VFA at the advice of my investment advisor to help with my personal accounting, bill pay, and tax needs.  What a good decision that was!  Chris and his team do everything they can to make my life easier.  I meet with Chris every week and we discuss all of my financial matters and some non-financial matters as well.  I am able to move on into this next chapter of my life comforted by the fact that VFA is looking out for me and my family.  I feel like I have not only hired an accountant but added a friend as well.  And I would like to add that at the annual VFA party Nikki Vescio makes a fabulous signature drink!

Individual Client, Westchester, NY